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Winter Wedding Chapel Specials

Winter weddings are the perfect time for small more intimate weddings and elopements as well. Winter Chapel Weddings offer the best wedding deals of the year and have become a very popular time of year to get married for many. Winter Weddings provide a natural warmth and festive tone to the occasion. Winter Weddings are by far the most wedding budget friendly time of year, offering deep discounts for off season wedding dates typically ranging from November through March.

So it's no surprise that Winter Weddings are an increasingly preferred time of year to celebrate nuptials. Many couples create theme weddings based on their favorite winter month. Be it a Late Fall theme in November, a December Christmas theme, the New Beginnings of January, a romantic Valentines theme in February  or the very first awakenings of early Spring in March. Each winter month theme offers unique creative opportunities that will delight the senses and will be unforgettable and much cherished
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Who Can Marry Us? Wedding Officiants of Wichita and South Central Kansas.

There are two forms of Wedding Officiating that we offer.
At Your Special Location Ceremonies and Our Wedding Chapel Venue.
We also list several wonderful Venue Suggestions and Wedding Ideas on our Blog for your consideration.

Congratulations on Your Upcoming Wedding!

Joyfully serving South Central Kansas for over 35 years.
Meet the Wedding Ministers.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas That Will Really Wow.


Create You Own Wedding Song

Create your very own wedding love song to be played while guests are being seated prior to your ceremony during your Unity Ceremony and/or then again during the first dance together as husband and wife during the wedding reception for a truly unforgettable  wedding experience. Create an unforgettable musical experience by combining your love story with storytelling and music. Every song is 100% unique, written and produced for you by passionate musicians. 


Unity In Glass

Receive a matching Unity Pendant with your order, complements of Life's Precious Vows.

 The Unity Ceremony is the most celebrated focal point of your wedding ceremony. Make it last forever and beautifully with Unity In Glass. Unlike other unity ceremony accessories that eventually end up stuffed in the back of a closet, Unity In Glass is the ever enduring exception. You'll be proud to display this elegant and timeless sculpture  created on your wedding day for all the years to come. 

 Receive a matching Unity Pendant with your order, complements of Life's Precious Vows.


Wedding Bouquet
Family Heirloom Charms

Add these beautiful custom wedding bouquet charms of your grandmothers and/or dear family members to symbolize their walking down the isle with you. 

Something Blue

 This lovely and delicate custom embroidered baby blue bridal garter will fit in perfectly.


Wedding Bells

  It used to be popular to throw rice at the bride and groom after the ceremony. Nowadays, most wedding venues no longer permit rice throwing.
  However, the custom still fondly prevails, but with a the oldest of customs  making a big come back.  Having your guests ring wedding bells after the ceremony is a custom that has actually been around far longer than the rice throwing custom. and it's absolutely lovely touch when exiting the ceremony site. 

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Spring Chapel Weddings, Little Secrets and Big Savings

There's a little secret that adds up to "Really Big Spring Wedding Savings" when you know what to look for.  Savvy Wichita Brides know that the real bargains begin in December, that is...when you know where to go. If you were planning on waiting for the January Bridal Shows to roll out before shopping for your wedding venue, then you've waited too long.

Savvy Brides know that the "Real Deals" come along in the winter months  and...are snatched up in the blink of an eye!

Which could be why it appears to be a secret, these bargains don't last long before there gone. That said, lets waste no time getting to these Spring Wedding Bargains. If you have been dreaming of a Chapel / Church Wedding with all the traditional trimmings, then this is defiantly for you!

You see, most Chapel / Church venues are non-commercial venues. As such, these venues are offered at very affordable non-commercial rates and are open to any faith without requiring membership or pre-marital counseling, unless of course you wish's always your choice.

Theses sort of venues are always staffed by the Chapel / Church volunteer members and they are always warm, welcoming and very eager to do anything they can to make your wedding as wonderful and as precious as it can possibly be. The funds created by hosting weddings are used for a number of very note worthy community projects, such as youth groups, young mother's diaper panty as well as other various special service to others projects. Now, that's refreshing isn't it? Not only are you getting a beautiful wedding venue, your also supporting wonderful and needed community projects...Win...Win!

Currently we are offering our special winter discounts!
Here's how it works.

Big savings are to be had with this limited time offer. Reserve your wedding date by Jan 31st with only a $50.00 reservation fee, then nothing more until the day of your wedding.
The extra bonus is, you can choose from available dates ranging from now through June 2016. Win...Win...Again!
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Ceremony Styles and Forms

Which ceremony form and style best fit’s your wedding desires and personalities?

 Let’s begin to break it down by addressing the basics of each wedding form and style.

Ceremony Forms:

Traditional. These are typically faith-based and culled from the tradition the bride and groom were born into.

Non-denominational. A spiritual ceremony that includes reference to God, but does not adhere to any particular religious protocol.

Non-religious. Usually includes no reference to faith and typically does not mention God. (Some people call it a civil ceremony, but in fact a civil ceremony often mentions God).

Interfaith. This is a blending of two or more faiths, by including aspect of religion or religious rituals or readings that are symbolic of each faith.

Intercultural. This is a blending of cultures – such as a Filipino veil ceremony with a Chinese red string ritual and yet can certainly also blend religious aspects.

Any Ceremony Form, for the most part,  may be applied to any Wedding Style.

Wedding Styles:

Black Tie, Formal, Informal, Casual and Elopement.
These are the terms used to dictate the level of formality, attire and ambiance of a wedding. Each style type plays an important part in the planning, direction and execution of your wedding as a whole.

Your preference will determine the ceremony style and direction, the reception, dining service, menu details and the capacity and ambiance of the wedding venue.

Of course, contingent on your personality styles, comfort zones and budget, each wedding style will have different levels of presentation, preparation and cost involved. When beginning to formulate your wedding plans it’s important to consider what you and your spouse-to-be will be most comfortable with.

The wedding style you select will also indicate what attire your wedding party and guests will wear. Everything about the wedding plans will hinge on your wedding’s overall level of style and level of formality, which should also be clearly indicated within your wedding invitations.

 If you and your partner are usually on the casual side, then having a black tie wedding may not be comfortable fit for you. Then again, this is one time in your life when you may very well want to go all out, splurge and really crank up the formality and grandeur of your big day.
As you consider the elements of your wedding, strive to keep within the same level of formality and style throughout your wedding event so that entire day will flow with ease, grace and style.

Now, let’s take a look at what each wedding style typically entails.

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Unity In Glass
Elegant, Symbolic, Eternal.

Taking Your Unity Ceremony to the next level of personalization and artistic expression. Much more lasting than a candle or a sand. Create a beautiful, symbolic, highly personal, one of a kind hand crafted glass sculpture of the moment of your union in marriage. The perfect wedding, vow renewal or blended family gift.

Formal Black Tie

A Black Tie Style Wedding

Traditionally, black tie attire marks a very formal event — one that takes place in a grand hall, a house of worship or an upscale hotel, the reception provides an elaborate menu, beginning with cocktails and a full service dining staff. The reception is typically 200 Plus guests and a large wedding party. Black tie weddings don’t have to be in the evening. Your wedding can begin in the late afternoon and still be very formal. Brides and bridesmaids wear elegant, full-length gowns (with a full train and veil for the bride), and grooms and groomsmen wear traditional black tailcoats and pants, white stiff shirts with white ascot ties, black socks and shoes.



A Formal Style Wedding

A formal wedding is typically held in a house of worship or hotel, starts in the afternoon or evening, has a sit-down dinner or buffet at the reception and features at least 150 Plus guests.

The bride and groom each traditionally have between three and six attendants. The bride at a formal wedding wears a full-length gown with a sweep or chapel train, and a fingertip veil. Grooms and groomsmen wear tuxedos: black coats, black pants, white shirts, black vests and black ties. Bridesmaids match in full-length dresses.

Semi Formal


A Semi-formal Style Wedding

A semi-formal wedding can be held in a house of worship, but you can also have one in a home, an outdoor location or another spot. It traditionally starts in the afternoon, has a simple meal or refreshments at the reception, with a guests list of 100 Plus.
The bride and groom each have between three to seven attendants each.

The bride wears a full- or cocktail-length gown with a short train or no train at all and a fingertip veil. The groom and groomsmen wear matching tuxedos or dark suits, and bridesmaids wear matching full- or cocktail-length gown



The Casual Style Wedding

A casual wedding is usually held during the day in a home, garden or another location that isn’t a house of worship. It has a simple meal or refreshments at the reception and  the guest list of 100.

The bride and groom typically have   two to three attendants each.

Informal brides may wear a knee- or cocktail-length wedding dress with no veil or anything from a pantsuit to a linen sundress. The men might wear suits and ties or shorts and flip-flops, depending on the occasion.



The Simple Wedding

 This  Wedding Style generally consist of gatherings of up to 75 guests or less.
The ceremony style is very relaxed and casual. No rehearsal is necessary for this comfy cozy informal wedding style. The bridal couple is most often accompanied by only one attendant each, if at all. This ceremony style is most  popular for Blended Family Weddings, Encore Weddings, Theme Weddings and Vow Renewal Celebrations.
It's  a lovely, heart warming, casual ceremony style that is very well suited for homes, gardens, parks, hotels.

Mini Wedding


 Mini Wedding
   This lovely little "Just Marry Us" style ceremony is perfect for small intimate gatherings of 35 guests or less.
A Simply Sweet Short Ceremony, no rehearsal necessary.



 Elopement Ceremony

A romantic little ceremony with 2 to 20 guests. A Simply Perfect Little Romantic Elopement.
  Just right for B&B's, hotels, homes or parks.
There are several wonderful ceremony locations we can suggest to you.

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Ceremony Music

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Live Ceremony Music Suggestions.To help you on your way to exceptional live music choices, here are my favorite Live Music Vendors, all tried and true. Visit the links provided below to listen to samples of their music.


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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unity In Glass, Taking Your Unity Ceremony to the Next Level

Unity In Glass

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Unity In Glass

Taking Your Unity Ceremony to the next level of personalization and artistic expression.

Much more lasting than a unity candle or a sand ceremony you are creating a symbolic, highly personal, one of a kind art piece for your home.

The process is collaborative and captures your spirit. You’re working together with a highly skilled glass artist to create a work of art that will last a lifetime. You will show and tell the story again and again in the years to come.

Receive a matching Unity Pendant with your order, complements of Life's Precious Vows. 

Inexpensive Park Wedding Venues in South Central Kansas


There is no lack of beautiful and affordable wedding venue options in South Central Kansas!  

Community parks and communities facilities offer the best bargains around for your wedding budget.

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Check out these South Central Kansas Park Directories for Andover, Augusta, Derby, El Dorado, Haysville, Mulvane and Wichita.

Over 80 beautiful parks to choose from, many offer community facilities at very affordable rates. Have a beautiful and affordable wedding at one of the several Wichita, Derby, Andover and Mulvane Kansas locations.

You can choose from lakeside, ponds, waterfalls, garden and riverside locations, all beautifully maintained and at a fraction of the cost of a privet or commercial venue.