Saturday, April 2, 2011

Elopement Venue Suggestions Metro Wichita and South Central Kansas

Simple is beautiful! Not everyone wants the "Big White Wedding Thing".
Some couples prefer a more simple wedding affair, a more secluded romantic hideaway for their nuptials.

For your convenience, we offer you our favorite elopement and mini wedding venue picks below
 Some may ask...So, Why Elope or Opt in for a Mini Wedding?
There are several very good reasons.
Here are a few...
  1. saving on the the cost of a big white wedding
  2. saving time and reducing stress
  3. when more fun and more freedom is most important to you
  4. avoiding family politics and maintaining your sanity
  5. we want something simple and beautiful
  6. we prefer a more intimate ceremony
  7. ditch the planning and the dress mess
  8. encore or blended family marriage, we just want to get married and enjoy our lives together
  9.  truly, madly, deeply in love and want to be married soon