Saturday, November 17, 2012

Unity In Glass, Taking Your Unity Ceremony to the Next Level

Unity In Glass

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Unity In Glass

Taking Your Unity Ceremony to the next level of personalization and artistic expression.

Much more lasting than a unity candle or a sand ceremony you are creating a symbolic, highly personal, one of a kind art piece for your home.

The process is collaborative and captures your spirit. You’re working together with a highly skilled glass artist to create a work of art that will last a lifetime. You will show and tell the story again and again in the years to come.

Receive a matching Unity Pendant with your order, complements of Life's Precious Vows. 

Inexpensive Park Wedding Venues in South Central Kansas


There is no lack of beautiful and affordable wedding venue options in South Central Kansas!  

Community parks and communities facilities offer the best bargains around for your wedding budget.

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Check out these South Central Kansas Park Directories for Andover, Augusta, Derby, El Dorado, Haysville, Mulvane and Wichita.

Over 80 beautiful parks to choose from, many offer community facilities at very affordable rates. Have a beautiful and affordable wedding at one of the several Wichita, Derby, Andover and Mulvane Kansas locations.

You can choose from lakeside, ponds, waterfalls, garden and riverside locations, all beautifully maintained and at a fraction of the cost of a privet or commercial venue.

Affordable Christmas Wedding Ideas. There's no place like home!


I think Dorthy from the Wizard of OZ had it right when she said "There's no place like home", especially where home weddings are concerned.

  All winter weddings have a certain cozy charm that simply can’t be matched or duplicated at any other time of year, especially if you've decided on having a home wedding.

Home weddings during the winter months are always comfortable, relaxed, loaded with fun and just exude love. There’s always such a special intimate excitement and a feeling of love in the air that is shared among family and friends that’s uniquely one of a kind.  Gathering together in a home setting for your wedding is naturally so welcoming, joyful, and truly personal.

 Affordable wedding options are more important than ever today. Home winter weddings are very gentle on the wedding budget purse strings and offer endless decorating options, limited only by your imagination.

Although home winter weddings are inexpensive, you’d never know it. Each home wedding that I have officiated has looked and felt delightfully lavish, whimsical and deliciously romantic even on the smallest of wedding budgets.

I have always marveled at and greatly enjoyed how each holiday wedding theme was lovingly weaved together by the hosting family members to create a very personal wedding  experience  for the bride and groom. These loving personal touches just can’t be fully expressed in any other venue outside of a home setting.

As a wedding minister, I always enjoy seeing the beauty and joy of family and friends coming together with such enthusiasm and creativity in honor of the wedding couple.  Home winter weddings are alive with TLC and loaded with such wonderful personal expressions in such an unforgettable loving way.

The hosting families working along with the wedding couple’s visions have created some truly unique Ceremony Alters within the home venue. Fire places are often used for the marriage vows to take place. They are often decorated with an assortment of beautiful candles, crystals, favors and flowers matching the bride’s bouquet.

For the ceremony talented and crafty family members and friends have created hand made wedding arches of every imaginable style. Each one has always blended in so beautifully with the chosen wedding theme, you’d swear it came from a professional florist and cost a pretty penny. Some wedding arches have been designed with little personal wedding mementos and favors, which are then handed out to all who attend after the ceremony has concluded. How clever is that?!

What about food and drink? No worries there! Everyone seems to jump at the chance of creating their own specialty dishes and drinks for the wedding reception. I have seen some very impressive reception spreads that easily rival any catering company. There’s no lack of family favorites on the table. In my way of seeing things, nothing is better than home made!


However, if cooking isn’t where your talents lay there’s no need for concern. There’s every sort of catering one could possibly image and all available locally. Many catering companies offer services of setting everything up, serving and cleaning up afterwards.  Certainly a wonderful option to consider, and with all the money you’ll save on having your wedding at home, you’ll be able to easily afford this luxury if you choose to.

The Wedding Cake is generally placed on a special table and surrounded with a mountain of wedding gifts, cards with festive accent decorations tying into the wedding theme.

Some families that own guest houses or cabins have offered them to the newly weds as a wedding gift for their honeymoon getaway. Beautifully decorated and fully stocked with all sorts of wonderful goodies, so the newly weds can hold up there for days on end.

No matter the time of year, Home Weddings are becoming a very popular choice for many To Be Wed Couples. So if you looking for some very affordable wedding magic, look close to home, that’s where you’ll find it.