Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spring Chapel Weddings, Little Secrets and Big Savings

There's a little secret that adds up to "Really Big Spring Wedding Savings" when you know what to look for.  Savvy Wichita Brides know that the real bargains begin in December, that is...when you know where to go. If you were planning on waiting for the January Bridal Shows to roll out before shopping for your wedding venue, then you've waited too long.

Savvy Brides know that the "Real Deals" come along in the winter months  and...are snatched up in the blink of an eye!

Which could be why it appears to be a secret, these bargains don't last long before there gone. That said, lets waste no time getting to these Spring Wedding Bargains. If you have been dreaming of a Chapel / Church Wedding with all the traditional trimmings, then this is defiantly for you!

You see, most Chapel / Church venues are non-commercial venues. As such, these venues are offered at very affordable non-commercial rates and are open to any faith without requiring membership or pre-marital counseling, unless of course you wish's always your choice.

Theses sort of venues are always staffed by the Chapel / Church volunteer members and they are always warm, welcoming and very eager to do anything they can to make your wedding as wonderful and as precious as it can possibly be. The funds created by hosting weddings are used for a number of very note worthy community projects, such as youth groups, young mother's diaper panty as well as other various special service to others projects. Now, that's refreshing isn't it? Not only are you getting a beautiful wedding venue, your also supporting wonderful and needed community projects...Win...Win!

Currently we are offering our special winter discounts!
Here's how it works.

Big savings are to be had with this limited time offer. Reserve your wedding date by Jan 31st with only a $50.00 reservation fee, then nothing more until the day of your wedding.
The extra bonus is, you can choose from available dates ranging from now through June 2016. Win...Win...Again!
"Click Here" to see these amazing super affordable Chapel Venue Specials.

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  1. Yeah it is true that Chapel Weddings results in big savings. I also got married at a Chapel. In the mid 2015 there is our wedding anniversary and this time we are planning to book a beautiful vow renewal location in Singapore.