Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas That Will Really Wow.


Create You Own Wedding Song

Create your very own wedding love song to be played while guests are being seated prior to your ceremony during your Unity Ceremony and/or then again during the first dance together as husband and wife during the wedding reception for a truly unforgettable  wedding experience. Create an unforgettable musical experience by combining your love story with storytelling and music. Every song is 100% unique, written and produced for you by passionate musicians. 


Unity In Glass

Receive a matching Unity Pendant with your order, complements of Life's Precious Vows.

 The Unity Ceremony is the most celebrated focal point of your wedding ceremony. Make it last forever and beautifully with Unity In Glass. Unlike other unity ceremony accessories that eventually end up stuffed in the back of a closet, Unity In Glass is the ever enduring exception. You'll be proud to display this elegant and timeless sculpture  created on your wedding day for all the years to come. 

 Receive a matching Unity Pendant with your order, complements of Life's Precious Vows.


Wedding Bouquet
Family Heirloom Charms

Add these beautiful custom wedding bouquet charms of your grandmothers and/or dear family members to symbolize their walking down the isle with you. 

Something Blue

 This lovely and delicate custom embroidered baby blue bridal garter will fit in perfectly.


Wedding Bells

  It used to be popular to throw rice at the bride and groom after the ceremony. Nowadays, most wedding venues no longer permit rice throwing.
  However, the custom still fondly prevails, but with a the oldest of customs  making a big come back.  Having your guests ring wedding bells after the ceremony is a custom that has actually been around far longer than the rice throwing custom. and it's absolutely lovely touch when exiting the ceremony site. 

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  1. Wow!! Actually you shared unique wedding ceremony ideas. I am quite surprised. Now I am thinking to create a song for my fiancé and will sing at banquet halls in Chicago in front of all guests to give a nice surprise to her.